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Notes on torpedoes, automobile torpedoes, British service torpedoes
The Naval Pocket Book
L. G. Carr Laughton, W.
Thatcher & Co., London, 1899, pp. 650-657

Both 14-inch and 18-inch diameter torpedoes were in use in the Royal Navy (RN) in 1899. Torpedoes for the RN were manufactured at the Royal Gun Factory; Woolwich (formerly they were made at the Royal Laboratory; Woolwich), by Messrs. Whitehead & Co. Fiume and at the Portland Harbour Torpedo Works and by Messrs. Greenwood and Batley at Leeds. These torpedoes were termed for brevity "R.G.F." "R.L." "Fiume" and "Leeds."
All torpedoes were manufactured in accordance with "R.G.F." designs. Messrs. Whitehead and Greenwood & Batley who were the main suppliers of torpedoes to the RN issued instructions and drawings.

The introduction of the Obry Gyroscope Steering Apparatus was a major innovation that increased the accuracy of the torpedo (previously it was necessary to keep detailed records of the performance characteristics of each torpedo).

Tables of the date of manufacture, length, weight, speed in knots over 600 yards, range, weight of explosive charge and the approximate number of torpedoes in service were given. Brief details of the torpedo holdings of Austria, France, Italy, Russia, Japan, Spain and the United States were also given.

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