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The naval boiler of the future No II
The Engineer
vol. 87, 21 April 1899, pp. 382-383

Accession No.2893


The continuation of: 'The naval boiler of the future. No. I.' The Engineer, vol. 87, 14 April 1899, p. 353. 'Miscellanea: The torpedo boats Kigyo and Python.' The Engineer, vol. 87, 21 April 1899, p. 387. The Kigyo and the Python, the last of four torpedo boats built by Messrs. Yarrow and Co., Limited, for the Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Government had just left Gravesend bound for Pola. All four boats had passed their trials satisfactorily, reaching speeds of about 24.25 knots with 55 tons on board.