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The Holland Submarine Boat
The Engineer
vol. 83, 11 June 1897, p. 598

Accession No.2703


The Holland submarine boat was launched from Lewis Nixon's Elizabeth Port, New Jersey, U.S.A., shipyard, on May 17th, 1897. Fifty-five feet long and eleven feet in diameter, with a perfectly circular cross-section and strong frames she was built to withstand the water pressure at a depth of 150ft, speed surfaced 8 knots, submerged 14 knots (maximum). Armament with one 18in. bow torpedo tube, three torpedoes, one 8in. aerial torpedo gun capable of throwing an 80lb. dynamite shell a distance of 1.5 miles, one 80lb. dynamite gun pointing aft, and capable of sending its shell 800 yards under water at a high velocity.

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