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The Holland Submarine Boat
The Engineer
vol. 88, 28 July 1899, p. 103

Accession No.2701


"This boat is to have her final test by the Government in a short time, for the purpose of deciding definitely whether the strange craft shall or shall not be adopted by the Navy Department for use in warfare. The Secretary of the Navy has signified his intention to set a date for the trial, which will be held in Peconic Bay, Long Island. It will be a different test from any of those yet undergone by the submarine boat, and will determine practically her value as a destroyer. The chief claim of the inventor has always been that the boat could approach an enemy's ship unseen and destroys it. In all tests heretofore the Holland has contented itself with a dummy torpedo but in Peconic Bay a real Whitehead torpedo will be fired at a target.

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