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The Autobiography of a Whitehead Torpedo
vol. 39, February-May 1885, pp. 127-128

An article published in volume 39 of Engineering over 12 issues between February and May. The 12 parts addressed different matters as follows:

6 February 1885, pp. 127-128.
Part 1. Introduction, classification, definitions, Robert Fulton's contributions, mines and spar torpedoes.
13 February 1885, pp. 155-157.
Part 2. The 14 in. Royal Laboratory Whitehead Torpedo, design, construction and operation., 20 February 1885, pp.177 and 180-181.

Part 3. Reception on-board ship, handling, storage, launching carriages and preparation for exercises.

27 February 1885, pp. 205-206.
Part 4. Launching carriages, Canet's torpedo gun, lifting tongs, and the training of gunnery and torpedo lieutenants.

6 March 1885, pp. 233-234 and 236.
Part 5. Launching from boats, and the recovery of torpedoes after exercises

13 March 1885, pp. 257-260.
Part 6. Electrical circuits for firing guns, drill and firing tubes, dragging for lost torpedoes.

20 March 1885, pp. 279-281.
Part 7. Hand charges.

27 March 1885, pp. 306-307.
Part 8. Second-class torpedo boats.

3 April 1885, pp. 333-334.
Part 9. Second-class torpedo boats, torpedo tubes, torpedo nets, and defensive measures against torpedo boat attack

17 April 1885, pp. 383 and 385.
Part 10. Spar/outrigger torpedoes, damage control.

24 April 1885, pp. 414-415.
Part 11. The fortifications at St. Elmo, Riscasoli and Tione at Malta, "Torpedo Directors."

8 May 1885, p. 531.
Part 12. Concluding remarks.

Accession No.2412 to No.2423


The interest attached to the subject of Whitehead torpedoes - their manufacture, mode of operation, and efficiency - was as great, as the available information concerning, was deficient. In preparing the series of articles commenced in this issue the author found it more convenient to endow the particular torpedo described with the power of narrative, and to more or less surround it with detailed sketches of the officers and men entrusted with its management. The incidents narrated were the record of actual facts or constructed with an intimate knowledge of the strong and weak points of these weapons, and what could expected of them in naval warfare. Part 1. Introduction, classification, definitions, Robert Fulton's contributions, mines and spar torpedoes.

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The Autobiography of a Whitehead Torpedo