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Nygards, O.
Lieutenant Commander Fredrik Linden Commanding Officer, HMS Gotland
Jane's Navy International
vol. 112, no. 9, 39387, p. 34

Accession No.1975


"From cold seas to warm, from shallow water to deep and from brackish to salt. It is a long way from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean, and not just in terms of centimetres on a chart. 'All of a sudden we are in water with a greater depth than we are used to. This means that we need to behave with the boat in a different manner. Due to technical reasons we can no longer use all the water volume,' says Fredrik Linden the commanding officer of Sweden's Type A19 submarine HMS Gotland. The boat arrived home in Karlskrona in August after a two-year stint working out of the US Navy (USN) base at Point Loma in San Diego, where its primary mission was to teach its hosts how to combat the threat posed by quiet diesel-electric submarines and instruct its own crew on the finer points of operating in an unfamiliar environment. Naval units from Australia and Canada also participated in the war games."