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Nitz, M.
Free diving: Germany's Type 212A rewards faith in AIP
Jane's Navy International
vol. 111, no. 5, 38869, pp. 41-44

Accession No.1131


"As Germany's new-generation Type 212A air-independent submarines begin to enter operational service their cutting edge air-independent propulsion is proving to be a real force multiplier. Michael Nitz assesses the depth of experience gained so far. When U32, one of the German Navy's new Type 212A air-independent (AIP)-equipped submarine surfaced off Spain's Rota Naval Base on the 25th of April, it entered the record books for the longest submerged transit for any non-nuclear submarine, effectively laying to rest any remaining concerns over the effectiveness of AIP. Although the Navy refuses to comment on the exact details of the impressive dive, it is known that the submarine left its Eckernforde base under the command of Lieutenant Commander Michael Bornholt on the 7th of April and submerged somewhere in the German Bight four days later. The next time it was seen was when the boat surfaced off Spain, two weeks and approximately 1,55 nautical miles later."