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A new torpedo
The Times
2 October 1883, p. 4

Accession No.1034


An interesting trial of the "Lay' torpedo took place at the works of the Patent Cotton Powder Company (Limited), near Faversham in the presence of Colonel Lay, the inventor, Mr. Nordenfeldt, and two distinguished Turkish officers, who were accompanied by Captain M'Evoy and General Gardiner. AccessionNo.1033. 'Naval and Military Intelligence.' The Times, 29 March 1873, p. 5. A private demonstration of the Royal Laboratory Department's improved Whitehead torpedo was staged for Mr. Goschen, M.P. First Lord of the Admialty and his private secretary Captain George Tyro C.B. Mr. Goschen was received by Colonel T. W. Millward superintendent of the Royal Laboratoroies, who personally superintended the experiments, Captain M. Singer, R.N., and Mr. Cooper, Chief Engineer, R.N., members of the torpedo committee, who had for some time had specially engaged in the investigations, and Colonel S. F. Gordon C.B., Royal Artillery, Director of Artillery Studies were also spectators. Mr. Davidson manager of the department, Mr. Lowe, one of the firemen, whose mechanical skills had contributed to the efficiency of the torpedo, and a number of workmen were also present.