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The new Thornycroft torpedo vessels
vol. 57, 29 June 1894, pp. 850-851

Accession No.948


The twin-screw torpedo-boat destroyer Daring (length185 feet, beam 19 feet, depth 13 feet, draught 7 feet; contracted speed 27 knots) was fitted with two 19-inch by 27-inch by two 27-inch by 16-inch stroke, inverted-vertical triple-expansion marine engines operating at between 322 revolutions per minute and 385 revolution per minute on steam supplied at between 200 pounds per square inch and 215 pounds per square inch by three Thornycroft water-tube boilers achieved trial speeds between 28.571 knots and 29.268 knots making it the fastest boat afloat at that time, armament; one 12-pounder quick-firing gun forward, five 6-pounder quick-firing guns on the broadside, and another on the centre line aft, three 18-inch torpedo tubes, one in the bow, and two mounted on a turntable aft, built by Messrs. J. I. Thorncyroft and Co., for the Royal Navy.