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The new torpedo boats
vol. 40, 28 August 1885, p. 212

Accession No.872


The first of forty large sea-going torpedo boats built as a result of popular agitation on "The State of the Navy,' was tried on the Thames in mid-August 1885. Built by Messrs. Yarrow and Co., of Poplar this vessel was one of twenty ordered from that firm by the British Government. The boat (length 125 feet, beam 13 feet, depth 8 feet; mean speed 19.25 knots) naturally had more accommodation than first-class torpedo boats previously constructed, being able to berth a crew of twelve or thirteen men forward, with comfortable room for the officers aft. There was on torpedo tube forward for ejecting torpedoes right ahead, and arrangements had been made for firing four torpedoes from either side, or two from one side and two from the other side at the option of the officer in charge. The number of torpedoes carried was five, one in the bow gun and four in four guns for side firing.