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Notes and memoranda
The Engineer
vol. 91, 440, p. 263

Accession No.714


The 30-knot destroyer Kangaroo (length 219 feet 9 inches overall, 215 feet between perpendiculars, beam 20 feet 9 inches, draught 8 feet 11 inches; displacement390 tons, light, 420 tons, full load), built by Palmer's Shipbuilding Company, Jarrow-on-Tyne, for the British Government, completed a three hour full-power coal-consumption trial in early March 1901. The Kangaroo maintained a speed of 30.184 knots with the engines indicating 6,477 horsepower at 379.85 revolutions per minute. The stokehold air pressure was 2.8 inches of water gauge. During the three hours the Kangaroo made six runs over the measured mile at Stokes Bay at a speed of 30.031 knots, with the engines indicating 6,507 horsepower, and a stokehold pressure of 2.6 inches of water gauge.