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Notes and memoranda
The Engineer
vol. 91, 384, p. 65

Accession No.706


According to The Times the Admiralty was about to test the effect of fitting bilge keels on torpedo boat destroyers. A 30-knot vessel was to be selected, and have its decks cleared of torpedo tubes and all other obstructions so as to provide room for fifty men in addition to the crew. The boat was to be run without bilge keels at 15, 20 and 25 knots, and then the men were to be distributed so as to produce the maximum heel consistent with safety while the vessel was under way. The boat was then to be docked and fitted with bilge keels, after which the trials were to be repeated. If it was found that there was no material reduction in speed or manoeuvring power, bilge keels would then be fitted to all the destroyers in the Royal Navy with the aim of improving their steadiness as gun platforms.