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Notes and memoranda
The Engineer
vol. 89, 181, p. 671

Accession No.656


The torpedo boat destroyer Stag (length 215 feet overall, 208 feet between perpendiculars, beam 19 feet 9 inches, draught 7 feet 1 inch, displacement 320 tons light, 365 tons full load) built by Thornycroft and company, Chiswick, for the British Government, underwent a successful three hours full-speed trial in mid-June 1900, and returned to Chatham. The Stag's average speed was 30.345 knots, whilst the average speed for six runs on the measured mile was 30.515 knots. The steam pressure in the boilers was 213 pounds per square inch; revolutions per minute, starboard engine 385, port engine 381.8; mean indicated horsepower, starboard engine 2,768, port engine 2,791, total 5,559.