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A new torpedo boat
The Engineer
vol. 70, 14 November 1890, p. 394

Accession No.214


Five first-class torpedo boats (length 130 feet, beam 13 feet 6 inches; mean trial speed 23.312) were built by Yarrow and Co., Poplar, for the Argentine Government, were fitted with triple-expansion engines. The sixth first-class boat had the same dimensions as the other boats, but was fitted with a quadruple-expansion engine operating at 433 revolutions per minute with steam supplied at 199 pounds per square inch achieved a trial speed of 24.5 knots. Eight second-class torpedo boats (length 60 feet, beam 9 feet 3 inches, draught 3 feet 6 inches; trial speed 17 knots) fitted with 250 indicated horsepower triple-expansion engines, seven of these boats were fitted with marine locomotive boilers whilst the eighth was fitted with a marine water-tube boiler, were also built by Yarrow and Co. for the same government.