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A new torpedo boat
The Engineer
vol. 53, 20 January 1882, p. 39

Accession No.64


A first-class torpedo boat of the Batuoum type (length 99 feet 10 inches, beam 12 feet 6 inches, draught four feet ten and a half inches, displacement 39 and a half tons; trial speed 22.46 knots) was fitted with a 500 indicated horsepower inverted-vertical compound marine engine operating with steam supplied by a locomotive boiler, built by Yarrow and Co., Poplar, for the Italian Government, was inspected at Westminster Pier by Admiral Brandeth, Controller of the Navy, Messrs. Morgan, Butler, and Allington, of the Admiralty, and the naval attaches of several European Naval Powers. With a trial speed of 22.46 this vessel was the fastest afloat at that time.