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Jones, C.
Australian Colonial Navies 1855-1900
Warship 2001-2002
A Preston
Conway Maritime Press Ltd., London, 2001, pp. 52-62

Accession No.2129


In the period from the granting of local self-government in 1855-56, until 1900, Australia was divided into six separate British colonies. All were responsible for their internal administration, and all raised local defence forces of some sort, but cooperation was minimal. Local naval forces in the colonies other than Victoria were never responsible to formal Defence Departments and remained administratively immature, though all contributed in their own way to the final establishment of the Commonwealth Naval Forces after Federation. They evolved strictly in response to local conditions and are considered here individually.

[Data is given for:
New South Wales; Spitfire, Acheron, Avernus, Wolverine, Lilian, Ohm and Miner.
Queensland; Paluma, Gayundah, Mosquito, Miner and Midge.
South Australia; Protector.
Tasmania; Torpedo boat No. 191.]
Western Australia.