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Lake, S.
Safe Submarine Vessels and the Future of the Art
Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects
vol. 49, 1907, pp. 37-64

pp. 37-64 plus three sets of plates XIII- XV

Accession No.2054


Simon Lake listed some twenty-four accidents to submarines, and gave his views on how these happenings could be prevented in future. Lack of longitudinal stability had caused some of the early accidents, and he thought it essential for submarines to be able to navigate on a level keel and not be allowed to dive at an inclination. Collision risks were more serious than with surface craft, owing to the limited field of vision with the ordinary periscope. He had devised an instrument he called an "Omniscope" and which gave an all-round view of the horizon on being rotated through only 30 degrees in either direction.

Drop keels had proved a useful precaution, and he strongly recommended double valves in all inlet and outlet pipes to guard against obstructions preventing proper closing. All water-ballast tanks should be strong enough to resist an internal pressure equal to that at the maximum depth of submergence.

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