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Hurd, A. S.
The coming of the submarine - the new British boats
The Nineteenth Century and after
vol. 51, January-June 1902, pp. 220-232

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The submarine has come and it has come to stay, not only in the British Navy but in the navies of the world. On one hand it is true that we have the opinion of Rear-Admiral O'Neil, chief of the Bureau of Ordnance of the United States Navy, that this type of war-craft has not passed beyond the experimental stage. On the other we have the action of the French authorities in acting in advance of the views which naval experts of the French Fleet have expressed as to the capabilities of these boats. Though neither invincibility nor perfection has been claimed, they have not only built many submarines, but are building more and are organising this branch of naval defence on the most systematic lines.

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