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Hawley, J. G.
Non-air-breathing diesel submarine engines
New Interpretations in Naval History; Selected papers from the Eleventh Naval History Symposium
R. W. Lowe and L. Bogle, B. VanDeMark and M. Yu
Naval Institute Press, Annapolis, Maryland, 2001, pp. 339-350

Accession No.1924


"Since its original conception in 1901, various forms of non-air breathing diesel submarine engines have been proposed designed, and developed to various degrees of technological advancement. In the majority of cases, the development emphasis has been focused towards its use onboard manned military vessels for the enhancement of underwater endurance greater than that possible with secondary batteries.

The other major non-air systems that have been considered include the steam and Stirling engines, closed cycle gas turbines, and fuel cells systems. Nuclear energy has provided the ultimate answer to underwater endurance from the energy storage point-of-view but, for a number of reasons, it cannot be used by all navies for underwater applications.

This paper presents an account of the historical development of the non-air-breathing diesel submarine engine from its early conception to the present day."

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