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Lay, J. L.
Improvements in valves for torpedo-boats
United States Patent Office., 1879

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 217,120. Dated July 21, 1879; application filed June 5, 1879.

Accession No.1306


"My present invention relates to certain improvements in the internal mechanism of submarine torpedo-boats, of the class that are guided and controlled by an operator outside the boat through the medium of electric wires or cables, but are propelled by an engine on board by means of condensed gas stored in a suitable reservoir. Such vessels are shown and described, in whole or in part, in two patents granted to me in December, 1877, and in three patents granted January 14, 1879 and in other pending applications in the Patent Office, to which reference is made to show the general construction of such a vessel as I design my present improvement to be applied to."