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Lay, J. L.
Improvement in torpedo-boats
United States Patent Office.

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 211,303. Dated January 14, 1879; application filed July 17, 1878.

Accession No.1305


"The said invention is designed to provide the means whereby a boat or vessel charged with suitable explosive materials - that is to say, a torpedo-boat - may be propelled by machinery contained therein, and at the same time may be kept fully under the control or management of an operator or staff of operators at a station on land or on board a ship or floating battery. After being launched from such station, vessel, or structure the said torpedo-boat may be kept under observation and accurately guided or directed to an iron-clad ship or other object of attack, and may be fired or discharged at any desired moment, or may be caused to return to its station without being fired."