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Lay, J. L.
Improvement in electro-magnetic steering apparatus for submarine boats
United States Patent Office., 1877

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 198,127. Dated December 11, 1877; application filed April 20, 1874.

Accession No.1300


"This invention relates to a boat for submarine operations, and has for its object the propulsion of such a boat by condensed gases, preferably such as under pressure become liquids, acting by their expansion upon an engine and driving a propeller; and also the steering of such a boat from the shore or other fixed point from which it is despatched, by means of an electric current acting on an electro-magnetic apparatus, so that the helm may, by means of positive mechanism be set and held in one of three positions of "port," "starboard," or "steady," at the will of the operator; and to this end my invention consists in providing for the regular paying out of the insulated wire cable from a submerged boat, by constructing the boat with a compartment filled with water and containing the cable-reel, and having an opening in the bottom for the escape of the cable as the vessel progresses…"

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