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White, W. H.
The history of the Institution of Naval Architects and of scientific education in naval architecture
Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects
vol. 53, no. 2, 1911, pp. 1-33

Accession No.1254


Sir William White's paper was described as "an epitome of the history of the Institution." White had first attended the Annual Meetings in 1866, and from that time onwards he was able to speak of "what I have seen and heard." He had consulted with Sir Nathaniel Barnaby on details of the earlier years, and was told "the formation of such an Institution had been talked about by members of the first School of Naval Architecture, and then by Dr. Wooley and members of his school. It needed some one familiar with the workings of other great technical associations to bring such mere wishes to a living issue. In Mr. Scott Russel such a leader was found, and a most capable leader he was."