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Barclay, T
Mk 48 Torpedo information provided by Maritime Headquarters and DSTO
Defence Science and Technology Organisation RAN site

A superb collection of diagrams illustrating the detonation of a Mark 48 war-shot torpedo fired at the destroyer-escort Torrens.

"The warhead of the Mk 48 torpedo contains the explosive equivalent of approximately 1,200 pounds of TNT. This explosive power is maximised when the warhead detonates below the keel of the target ship, as opposed to striking it directly. When the detonation occurs below the keel, the resulting pressure wave of the explosion "lifts" the ship and can break its keel in the process. As the ship "settles" it is seemingly hit by a second detonation as the explosion itself rips through the area of the blast. This combined effect often breaks smaller targets in half and can severely disable larger vessels." Accession No.1073.