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Konetzini, A.
How to avoid a submarine mishap
U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings
vol. 135, no. 6, 39965, pp. 68-69

Accession No.3505


"Submarine operations have always been inherently dangerous. Patrols in shallow, congested waters and in close proximity of competitor submarines and surface ships; constantly changing weather and acoustic conditions; high-pressure steam and other energetic systems; and a nuclear propulsion plant within the confines of an underwater tube make the submarine business a risky affair. Risks have been mitigated over the years by a process that selects and trains some of the best people our nation has to offer. These men are team players who thrive on challenges. They are taught from their first day as submariners to be inquisitive, to adhere and truly understand procedures and to seek continuous personal and team improvement."