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Hilarides, W.
2 for 4 in 2012 the Virginia-class road ahead
U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings
vol. 132, no. 6, 38869, pp. 68-69

Accession No.3441


'The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) shipbuilding plan is now a matter of record, enshrined in the Navy's 30-year plan submitted to Congress and found in the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR). The shipbuilding industry has breathed a sigh of relief but this cautious optimism is tempered by the shipbuilding plans the Navy has made and abandoned in the past. The Virginia-class submarine build profile alone has been changed nine times since 1995, and the increase in build rate to two per year has been delayed ten years from the original program plan. While providing much-needed stability, the CNO's plan relies on each shipbuilding program, from the littoral combat ship to Virginia to the CVN-21 aircraft carrier, to keep within budget by controlling costs and requirements growth."