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Hoffman, F.
What we can learn from Jackie Fisher
U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings
vol. 130, no. 4, 38078, pp. 68-71

Accession No.3375


"Today's ongoing naval transformation in the U.S. bears remarkable resemblance to that of the Great Britain Royal Navy 100 years ago. Both eras are marked by rapid technological change, global economies, and great uncertainty. During his tenure as Great Britain's First Sea Lord, Admiral John "Jackie" Fisher made dramatic changes in the war fighting capabilities of the Royal Navy. He was at the forefront of many innovations, electric lights, large-caliber guns, long-range gunnery, the transition from coal to oil, torpedo boat destroyers, and the submarine. Fisher recognized that different strategie priorities and new "rule sets" were revolutionizing naval warfare. He transformed the Royal Navy to remain competitive within these rule sets with a comprehensive vision tied to Great Britain's strategic interests, including the need for economy."