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Johnstone, P. D.
Vulnerable and toothless: Protecting ADF facilities from domestic threats
Security Solutions
no. 63, January/ February 2010, pp. 108-110

Accession No.3176


"An AFP (Australian Federal Police) investigation recently revealed in August that a number of alleged terrorists had been preparing to attack Holsworthy Barracks, an Australian Army base located in the south west of Sydney, which is currently the home to the 3rd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment, 2nd Commando Regiment, 171st Aviation Squadron (whose helicopters support special operations) and a host of Army Reserve units, amongst others Holsworthy is a key ADF (Australian Defence Force) training facility and base having its origins in World War I. The plan of the suspected terrorists was very simple and straightforward - kill as many ADF personnel as possible with the automatic weapons they had in their possession."