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Russian Steam Launch
The Engineer
vol. 43, 13 April 1877, p. 266 and 272

Accession No.3129


Illustrations and description of a steam launch (length over all, 40ft.; length at water -line, 37ft.; breadth on gunwale, 8ft. 4in.; breadth on water-line, 7ft. 3in.; depth from upper edge of keel to gunwale, 4ft. 7.5in.; draught 3ft. 3in.; draught forward, 2ft. 3in.; displacement, 224 cubic feet; speed, about 10 knots per hour), built by Messrs. Crichton and Co., Abo, Finland, and fitted with a Willan's, 6 nominal horsepower, 36 indicated horsepower, three-cylinder engine with 6in. diameter cylinders and a stroke of 6in.