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The Orling Torpedo
The Engineer
vol. 92, 37189, p. 434

Accession No.2991


"Naval warfare has been "revolutionised" again, and this time not by a submarine boat. The Orling torpedo has been tried and succeeded. It was tried and succeeded before the King, in Sweden, a couple of years or more ago, but the matter made little noise at the time. Now the daily Press has got hold of it, and drawn some harrowing pictures of the future of naval warfare in consequence. There is, we believe more than one torpedo in the field worked or to be worked with wireless telegraphy, X rays, or some similar force as the steering agency. Some of them, perhaps, have been born in the newspaper offices; but the Orling is undoubtedly a fait accompli so far as experimental trials will take it… Something of the same kind is supposed to exist in the torpedo school ship Vernon. From Italy similar stories have come…"