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Literature: All the World's Fighting Ships
The Engineer
vol. 85, 25 February 1898, pp. 189-190

Accession No.2917


Review: All the World's Fighting Ships, Illustrated. By F. T. Jane, London: Sampson Low, Marston, and Co. 1898. "Although there has been published at home and abroad a large number of books dealing with the navies of the world and giving full statistical details of individual vessels, no attempt previous to this novel volume of Mr. Jane's had been made to collect into a convenient form illustrations showing the general appearance of all the fighting ships of the world at sea with sufficient clearness to lead to their identification at several miles distance. This is the fundamental object of this remarkable volume. With this end in view, the pictures have, as the author states in the preface, been conceived with little attention to artistic effect. The object which has been aimed at is the accentuation of their distinguishing characteristics, even at the price of disproportion in details."