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Johnstone, P. D.
How Spins the Compass for Australia’s Homeland Security?
Security Solutions
no. 61, September/October 2009, pp. 114-116

Accession No.2805


“The war on terror is widely viewed to have commenced on September 11 2001, changing forever the way many governments internationally view their national security management practices and strategies. The Cold War has been replaced in the 21st century with police actions and terrorist challenges in place of small wars that, for many, seem endless and have no real boundary. Religion, the natural environment, eco-activism, economic conditions, political views and nationalism are key elements of the force behind many offensive activities. The education sector, commodities extraction, sea lines of communication, banking and finance are all large, legitimate and vulnerable targets. This vulnerability is a rallying call that should demand both a synergy and seamless approach to national homeland security from many elements across Australia. However, this has not largely occurred or become even a minor item on the national agenda. The Commonwealth Government has, in turn, not adequately challenged the states and territories nor enforced its constitutional responsibilities in driving forward a national consensus for the coordination of a national strategy, allocation of funds and resources.”