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W T Carter's Torpedo
The Engineer
vol. 83, 11 June 1897, p. 584

Accession No.2776


The Editor of The Engineer was indebted to the Naval and Military Record for the following account of W. T. Carter's torpedo: " Under the supervision of Lieut. Tickell, superintendent of the Victorian torpedo depot, by direction of the Minister of Defence, the W. T. Carter electrical controllable torpedo was given an official trial in the Alfred Graving Dock, Williamstown, Victoria. Upon Lieut. Tickell's report the Minister will decide whether to order the construction of a full-sized weapon. The torpedo was laid alongside a discharging plane on a pontoon in the dock, and on being launched its capabilities in steering and perfect control from the key-board were shown. It first ran along the western side of the dock, then suddenly described a circle, dived and rose again, darted off in a direct line, only to swing around and describe a figure of eight. At this instant Lieut. Tickell desired that it should chase a punt swinging in the dock, upon which the torpedo made a half-circle, darted forward and struck the object in the stern. Other tests in steering were next ordered, in executing which the torpedo displayed the perfect control the inventor had over all its movements while his hands were on the keyboard, all orders reaching him through an assistant, who occupied a position relative to that of commander in the conning tower of a warship. The inventor claims that his torpedo can execute every movement of a fish in the water."