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Dockyard Notes
The Engineer
vol. 87, 26 May 1899, p. 521

Accession No.2765


"Le Yacht this week has a leading article devoted to a review of a brochure on the submarine boat. So far as we can make out, this work shows how "no human power" can stop flotillas of submarine boats setting out from Brest, Cherbourg, Dunkirk, and Havre, and sinking "les cuirasses en lesquels nos voisins mettent tant de confiance." Spithead is to be the dramatic centre of the tableau. Then the gallant army - presumably in its steam launches - is to invade and do up perfide Albion. Our destroyers are left out of the reckoning. Le Yacht, however, sees that we have submarines, too; however there is a cry for fifty submarine boats, and fifty more when those have been found satisfactory. Very pretty, but a trifle hare-brained. And suppose while these brave submarines are journeying to Spithead, our ironclads also crossed the Channel and destroyed the flotilla awaiting to invade. The submarine boat may yet do wonders, but the French make two grand mistakes - they forget that it has to find its enemy, and they also forget that there are ways of attacking it."