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Dockyard Notes
The Engineer
vol. 91, 37063, p. 645

Accession No.2753


"This week's Le Yacht contains a curious little article in re the eternal submarine. According to this, we are endeavouring to get submarines prohibited as unfair weapons, but being doubtful of such a "happy result," have devised a torpedo that is fired the instant one is sighted. This is not specially novel, but the article then goes on to mention that there is a Rontgen ray device whereby the British sailor will in the immediate future scan the ocean depths and sight the submarine 20ft. or so below. Le Yacht thinks that this device can cut both ways, and enable the submarine to find its prey without coming to the surface at all. It overlooks, however, the spar torpedo antidote. The absurd thing in the whole business is that there is no known power yet to prevent an ordinary destroyer from dashing in a doing without difficulty all that a submarine so laboriously attempts from below. The whole idea of submarine attack is based on a fear of being hurt and a desire to avoid it."