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The Russian River Gunboat Giliyak
The Engineer
vol. 88, 10 November 1899, p. 479

Accession No.2665


The Giliyak was laid down at the New Admiralty, St. Petersburg, in 1896, and launched the following year. Her dimensions were: - Length, 200ft; beam, 37ft. nearly. The maximum draught is about 9ft. 6 inches. Displacement was usually given as 963 tons; but was actually about 1300 tons. Her armament consisted of one 4.7in. quick-firer of 40 calibres on the forecastle and five 3in. quick-firers of 50 calibres each. Four of these were carried on the main deck behind fairly thick but very low shields inside covered-in sponsons. The rest of the armament consisted of four 3-pounder Hotchkiss quick-firers; two field guns for landings, a couple of short Baranovski 2.5 inch pieces on the fore bridge, and two Maxims in the fighting top.