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The Sims-Edison Electrical Torpedo
The Engineer
vol. 72, 18 December 1891, p. 519

Accession No.2630


This torpedo had been patented in England in 1883 and was in use in the United States of America, however, until 1891 it had attracted little attention in both England and Continent. In May 1891 Sims brought one of his torpedoes from America to the Continent and arranged a demonstration at Havre of how thoroughly it was under control from a shore station. Sims claimed that his torpedo had: (1) An effective range of two miles at 20 knots; (2) instant control from a distance by electricity for starting, stopping, steering, and exploding; (3) invulnerability to the shot or shell of the enemy, all but the float being under water; (4) absolute trustworthiness in operation; (5) the power to dive under or cut through obstructions; capacity to carry a charge of 500 lb. or more of the highest explosive, sufficient to disable, if not destroy, the largest warship, even if exploded 30ft. distant, which was about the limit of netting defence.