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Lewkovitz, D.
All your eggs in one, giant humungous basket
Security Solutions
no. 56, November/December 2008, pp. 100-102

Accession No.2545


There have been plenty of predictions that computing power and storage size will grow exponentially. Most famous of these is Moore's Law, which (more or less) claims that advances in technology mean that the numbers of transistors able to fit on a silicon chip (and consequently its computing power) will double every two years. A related argument, Kryder's Law, suggests roughly the same growth in computer storage Several basic questions need to be answered with regard to backing up material: How much storage space does the organization or individual really require? How is this information to be backed up? If this information is to be retained, how will it be migrated to newer or different storage? Computer users are becoming addicted to storage, and like any addiction, thought needs to be given to where it can take them. The quick answer to the problem of backup media being lost, stolen or misplaced is to encrypt it. However, this creates a significant problem of its own, called 'what to do when nobody remembers the password.