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Redenbach, R.
Fear-why we should not be afraid of it
Security Solutions
no. 55, September/October 2008, pp. 47-48

Accession No.2544


Fear is a vital part of our survival mechanism. It exists to keep us alive. Failure to acknowledge fear in a regulated environment actually prepares us for failure in an unregulated, pressure situation. Anyone who intends to survive a violent encounter must understand what fear is and how it works. Failure to do so will result in failure to survive. This is as true for a martial Black Belt as it is for a complete novice. Accession No.2543. Kay, R. 'The psychology of combat, switch on, tune in, or get psyched out!' Security Solutions, No. 56, November/December 2008, pp. 42-44. This article examines two key psychological factors relevant to surviving violent confrontations - mindset and fear. In violent confrontations there will always be fear. Everyone feels fear, even experienced officers. This fear can take many forms, including fear of: Getting harmed Failure to protect bystanders Harm to fellow officers Legal litigation Procedural inquiry Judgement by others Issues relating to religious beliefs Causing harm to the subject These fears can all exist simultaneously, clouding the focus of what needs to be accomplished. A key factor in managing fear is being prepared for reality, mentally and physically.