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The Russian Navy
The Engineer
vol. 72, 17 July 1891, p. 58

Accession No.2466


In 1891 the Russian fleet was to be increased by two large war vessels in the Baltic, the ironclad Navarino and the armoured cruiser Ruric, both were being built on the Neva - the first at the Franco-Russian Company's works and the second at the Baltic works. The Navarino was 360 ft. in length, 68 ft. wide, and 25 ft. deep, with a tonnage of 9476. Its armament consisted of four 12 in. revolving turret guns, fourteen 6 in. guns, sixteen rapid-firing Hotchkiss guns and several Whitehead torpedo dischargers. The Ruric was 411 ft. long, 67 ft. wide, and 25 ft 9 in. deep; and a displacement of 10,940 tons. Its armament consisted of six 8 in. guns in turrets, fourteen 6 in., six 2.5 in., and nineteen 47 mm. and eleven 37 mm. rapid-firing guns, two torpedo dischargers and two torpedo boats.