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Launches and Trial Trips
vol. 40, 7 August 1885, p. 129

Accession No.2428


'The Albert, one of five twin-screw steamers of shallow draught, built by Messrs. Thornycroft, of Chiswick, for service on the Nile, has made her official trial at the measured mile at Long Reach, on the Thames. The dimensions are: length 140 ft., beam, 21 ft., draught of water, 1 ft. 4 in. forward and 2 ft 1.5 in. aft. The contract speed was 12 miles in light trim. The trial showed a speed of 17.25 miles with both screws at work and 13.25 miles with one screw only. The Albert is divided into numerous water-tight compartments and the machinery is protected by bullet-proof steel plating.'