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Defence of Melbourne
vol. 40, 17 July 1885, p. 59

Accession No.2425


'The Melbourne Harbour Trust, having already placed its resources, in the form of vessels & c., at the service of the Victorian Government for defence purposes, has further considered the advisability of aiding the Government by inducing the men in its service to join the Government reserve forces. There are about 150 men in the service of the Trust, 60 of whom are enrolled in the Naval Reserve. The Trust passed resolutions to the effect that it was desirable that all of the seafaring men engaged in its service should belong to the Naval Reserve; that the Finance Committee should prepare a regulation to carry out this view; that the harbour-master should be instructed to invite the men now in service to join the Naval Reserve; and that the Finance Committee should also consider whether a land force should be organised from the Trust employees.