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Boats for the Nile Expedition
vol. 38, 22 August 1884, p. 179

Accession No.2364


Several firms on the Clyde had taken in hand the building of a number of boats (length, 30 ft.; width, 7 ft.; depth, 2 ft. 6 in.; weight, not to exceed 1000 lb.) to form the flotilla for the Gordon Relief Expedition up the Nile. Messrs. D. and W. Henderson and Co., Meadowside Shipbuilding Yard, Glasgow, had undertaken to supply thirty-three boats; and Messrs. John Shearer and Son, Glasgow a smaller number. Overtures had also been made to the Greenock and Port-Glasgow builders, but as the time within which the boats were to be completed and delivered, namely twenty-seven working days, was so short, the Greenock builders declined the offers and the Port-Glasgow builders took up only two.