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Express Launches
vol. 12, 15 December 1871, pp. 394-395

Accession No.2190


'Building steam launches for river and for harbour service, has of late years developed itself into a considerable and profitable trade. Several engineers have devoted themselves exclusively to the construction of such boats, the demand for which is not to be judged by the small steam craft running up and down the Thames, and which on boat race days, and other aquatic holidays, hover round in such astonishing numbers. Messrs. Yarrow and Hedley, for example, export a large number of such launches to Australia, South America, and elsewhere, and every one knows White's smart screw boats built at Cowes. But no builder has begun to compete with Mr. J. I. Thornycroft, of Church Warf, Chiswick, whose fast launches are now becoming familiar to the frequenters of the Thames, and who has certainly produced the fleetest boats of this class since it came into fashion.'