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On the measurement of Grayson's new ten-band plate
Journal of the Royal Microscopical Society
38436, pp. 160-163

Accession No.2095


Home, R. W. 'Origins of the Australian physics community.' Australian Historical Studies, vol. 20, issue 80, April 1983, pp.383-400. 'In the first Australian universities, in Sydney and Melbourne, for a number of years following their founding in the 1850's, physics was taught as part of the general liberal arts curriculum. Later the same was also true for a time of the universities founded in the other four state capitals. However, as separate faculties of science were established and also, in some universities, professional schools such as medicine and engineering, the subject acquired a rather different role. Now, it was taught largely as a service course for medical and particularly engineering students, and for students majoring in other branches of science. Few studied physics for its own sake. Only a handful of students completed a major in the subject, and an even smaller number proceeded to honours.'