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A balancing act
Armed Forces Journal
39845, pp. 30-33 and 38

Accession No.2030


‘The shortfall of nuclear-powered attack submarines can be mitigated with conventional submarines. US Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarines (SSNS) are key elements of the US Navy’s striking power. They were critical during the Cold War and still play a vital role in the US Navy’s ability to obtain, maintain and exercise sea control. Though their missions in peacetime have changed greatly since 1991, there are still potential threats in the various parts of the world’s oceans, and in the Pacific and the Indian oceans in particular, that might require combat employment of a significant force of SSN’s However for all their capabilities, the SSN’s are not best suited for operations in the shallow waters of many enclosed and semi-enclosed seas. Moreover, the projected SSN force level is inadequate for wartime requirements. This situation can be changed for the better by balancing the SSN force with a small force of advanced conventional submarines (SSKs) optimised for shallow-water operations.’