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Butler, V. and Muraviev, A.
Russia's new SSN high technology challenges
Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter
vol. 26, February/March 2000, pp. 42-43 and 70

Accession No.1777


"During the Cold War years the struggle for naval supremacy between the two superpowers was one of the less publicised areas of confrontation. At the time nuclear-powered attack submarines (SSN's) filled important deterrent functions on both sides. However, after 1991 Russian naval capabilities were severely curtailed. The worsening of Russia's socio-economic situation as well as loss of access to major naval facilities and shipbuilding infrastructure in the Black Sea and the Baltic, have significantly reduced competitive capabilities. However, in the long run R&D investment, production technologies and designer skills will be decisive for Russia's status as one of the world's leading maritime powers."