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West, N.
Venona - What we really knew during the cold war
The Royal United Services Institute Journal
vol. 146, no. 1, 36923, pp. 62-66

Accession No.1699


"The Venona texts remain a fascinating resource. We are still not sure about the identities of some of the hundreds of Soviet Union spies who appear in the Venona texts. There is a huge amount of speculation, some of which recently came to an end when Vassili Mitrokhin identified Melita Norwood as an atomic spy. Norwood appeared in the Venona traffic as TINA, again an anagram. Norwood was an active Soviet spy in 1945 and her husband, a secondary school teacher and also a Communist, disapproved of what she was doing yet it took until 1999 for this traitor to be exposed. There are plenty of others and for those who are interested in pursuing some of these individuals I invite them to look at the Venona texts. There are still plenty of individuals who were traitors and need to be exposed, I think they include one Nobel Prize winner (J. B. S. Haldane) and three other individuals who will be revealed as having betrayed atomic secrets to the Soviet Union."