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Richards, F.
The littoral ASW problem and future employment of the UK SSN
Royal United Services Institute Journal
vol. 151, no. 4, 38930, pp. 56-60

Accession No.1632


"Environmentally littoral seas pose very different challenges to those of the open ocean. In the littoral environment, the diesel, electric and mini-submarine present a disproportionate threat. Capable of operating at slow speed whilst interacting with Special Forces or indeed terrorist cells, these units also have the capability to lay advanced sea mines. These mines, many of which are procured via technology transfer, are of high quality and pose significant threats, especially to surface vessels operating in these confined wares… …The SSN, with its innate ability to rapidly deploy, operate covertly close to the adversary's coast, carry out covert surveillance, deploy special forces or underwater vehicles and carry out un-related land or sea strikes, will have a unique role to play."