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West, A.
Maritime power in a global context
Royal United Service Institute Journal
vol. 149, no. 3, 38139, pp. 8-13

Accession No.1631


The "Navy of the future" will be shaped by two important themes: Operations will almost inevitably be joint and multinational, involving small and medium contingencies across the breadth of military tasking. Force structure will be optimised for these sorts of operations; and The "Navy of the future" will operate in an unpredictable strategic environment in which it will face global, multifaceted symmetric and asymmetric threats. Accession No.1630. Kennedy, P. 'History politics and maritime power.' Royal United Services Institute Journal, vol. 149, No. 3, June 2004, pp. 14-17. "…in view of such an uncertain future, replete with different kinds of challenges and global trends, coming from different parts of the world, scrapping and obliterating what seems, at present, operationally irrelevant, would be the height of folly. We simply have no idea what the demands upon us will be in ten years. So let me close with an extreme example. What a tale would be told if somewhere in the middle of the 2030s people realized that the UK had scrapped its submarine service because its leaders didn't think the UK needed those underwater weapons systems. There's nothing wrong with mothballs. And sea power won't go away."